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Hey, unfortunately my e-mail-adresses …, … and … are temporarily not working. If you want to contact me you can do it via – this adress works. Thank you and sorry for this circumstances.

All my e-mail-adresses are working again.

A few weeks ago I shot a commercial for a photobooth-rental-service.
I proudly present:

It was really fun to work for the small start up and our actors did a great job…

I also did the tutorials for how to set up and run the system. It’s very easy to handle and with the tutorial-videos even my old-fashioned grandma should be able get some stunning photobooth-pictures at her next party Icon Smile in

Check out the website:

Music: Daniel Walt

FB-Shorts-Basis-Blog2 in FilmBasis Shorts

FilmBasis Shorts ist ein Kurzfilm-Event  mit einem wirklich sehenswerten Programm. Es werden insgesamt vier weltklasse Kurz-Filme gezeigt. Außerdem gibt es einen Sektempfang, kostenloses Popcorn sowie eine Kinderbetreuung.

Das Programm:

OFFLINE – DIR: Benjamin Lenz / Ian Bawa


NASHORN IM GALOPP – DIR: Erik Schmitt / Stephan Müller

SHOOT DON’T PLEASE (Arbeitskopie, Testscreening) – DIR: Samuel Buscapé

Location: die Basis e.V.
Alte Waggonfabrik, Gebäude 6329
Hauptstr. 17 – 19
55120 Mainz

Be there!!!

My upcoming short!

Today comes a brand-new-video I shot for a big german company that programs and provides software for the building and construction industry.

We made a portrait of the Berlin-located building engineer Ingo Waldmann. He’s talkin about his business and why he runs it with the great mbAEC-Software. It was a great day and shooting with a RED ONE was fun, I enjoyed working with that awesome camera!

REDblog1 in Customer-Portrait - mbAEC

REDblog2 in Customer-Portrait - mbAEC

music: Daniel Walt
Filmmaker: Samuel Buscapé



Award-Blog in Gefangen wins first award

Our shortfilm “Gefangen [trapped]” won its first award on the “shorts on the rock”-Film-Festival in Alzenau. Yeah. We are very happy that the audience choose us to get the award. And we are a little bit proud that we left the big-picture-productions of the recognized film-school HMS Hamburg far behind Icon Wink in Gefangen wins first award

The festival was very lovely. It took place as an open air festival in an castle courtyard and the festival-team did a really great job!!! It was a great honor to be a part of it and I’m really looking forward to the next “shorts on the rock”.

Did you know, that right now 27.000.000 humans are forced to work as a slave worldwide? No? Or: yes, but you don’t know what to do?

For the upcoming event “The human flesh affair” I directed a photo-campaign to print some flyers and posters. My wife came up with the idea to shoot some humans wrapped up in plastic-wrap in a slaughter-house, waiting for the butcher to come and kill them. The metaphor works really good, because humans are trated (and treated) like animals and the slaves exploited in the sex-industry e.g. have less rights than animals for slaughter.

My friend and colleague Jon Pride shot stunning photos in Mainz. A making-of video is coming soon.

Blogmfs11 in Der Menschenfleisch-Skandal [the human flesh affair]

Blogmfs2 in Der Menschenfleisch-Skandal [the human flesh affair]

Blogmfs3 in Der Menschenfleisch-Skandal [the human flesh affair]

Blogmfs4 in Der Menschenfleisch-Skandal [the human flesh affair]

Blogmfs5 in Der Menschenfleisch-Skandal [the human flesh affair]


If you are planning an anti-slavery-event we would be happy if we can help you with these photos for your flyer. Just contact me via and give me some information about your ideas.

Check out for our local event on April 20.


It’s Trailer-Time: check out the trailer for our brandnew shortfilm “Gefangen” [trapped] – a Buscapé & Kuhn Film.

Waitress Laura and her sister Marie are as thick as thieves. As Marie gets trapped by an international operating human-trafficking gang, a dark and breathless chase begins for Laura.


Written and Directed by Samuel Buscapé
D.o.P.: Philipp Kuhn
Music: Robert Gandy
Editor: Samuel Buscapé
Sound-Design: Daniel Walt


Nadine Petry
Robert Bittner
Lisa Weidenmüller
Wolfgang Zarnack
Claudia Plöckl
Horst Krebs

Like the film on Facebook.

We hope for some worldwide (english subbed) festival-screenings…

Poster-gefangen-V4-plakat LQ-723x1024 in Gefangen - Trailer


Ich habe auf meiner Website in den letzten Tagen unter dem Motto “Represent your Business!” ein bisschen am Design gearbeitet. Programmiert hat es Colin Below. Checkt es aus.

Samuelfilm in Re-Design Website

Check out my re-designed website – Represent your Business!